Online Casino Roulette

Can You Fool the Dealer?

If you are planning an online game of roulette there is no chance you can fool the dealer or that the dealer can allow the wheel to stop to favor a particular player. While this can occur in a live game, the only way it can happen online is if the site is using a live person to spin the roulette wheel. Can that happen? Some casinos may indeed operate the wheel that way but it is still out of the scope and vision of the players.

While there may be some players who are playing just to win, the majority of players know roulette is a game of chance and are willing to take their chances without cheating. Those who feel they must resort to cheating to win are those who have developed a gambling problem that exists beyond the scope of a game of chance.

Choose the Version of Roulette You Like Best

In order to provide the stimulation you need when playing roulette you should choose the version that you enjoy best. Some players may prefer the American version while others prefer the European version and still others prefer to combine the two in order to obtain the full and complete roulette experience. Both versions of the game are based on chance so do not think your chances of winning will change if you play one game over the other.

While you play both games the same the fact that the European version has two a single zero instead of the two zeros in the American version, the chances for winning in any bet option are better for those playing the European version. This is true whether it is strictly computer software running the wheel or there is a live dealer in the background.

Finding Sites to Play Roulette

If roulette is your game of choice you will find many online casinos where you can play. Even if you don’t want to play any of the other games you can choose good and legitimate sites that offer various games of roulette including American and European games. While versions of the game are limited, the types of bets are not. While you can increase your chances of winning by the way you place your bet, you will increase the amount you win if you place a tighter bet.

Roulette is solely a game of chance though you may be able to learn how to place your bets based on the way the wheel usually lands. No game of chance is definite, so any kind of strategy you develop to help you win is still based on luck. Even if the wheel has been landing on the same numbers for the past twelve hours there is no guarantee it will continue to do so.

Increase Your Chance of Winning in Roulette

While both the American and European versions of roulette are games of chance, a frequent player may be able to increase his chances at winning by following the game when he or she is not playing. If you see that the wheel stops on certain numbers or number combinations more frequently you can try playing those combinations. Certainly that is no guarantee but it is really the only strategy one can use with this game of chance.

You can also increase your chance of winning if you choose several number combinations and place your bet for “any number.” Though this method doesn’t pay as much as you might win if you choose a specific combination, it is certainly more likely to increase your chances of winning. Think of it in the same way you would if you were better the numbers in your local lottery game—there is a difference between playing straight and boxed.

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